Sunday, November 1, 2009

Woo Hoo I did it!

After a couple hours of fiddling with it I finally created my own blog. I have been obsessing about learning how to do it from scratch and after a lot of research I finally got it. I just love the little turkeys for Thanksgiving it puts me in the mood to cook! After Rees goes to bed at night I play on the computer if I don't have work to do, well "important" work to do lets say. As I have preached many times there is a wealth of free knowledge just waiting to be learned! If you have any interest in making or improving your own blog you have got to check out this site Easy Custom Blogs. Blogs are great ways to stay in touch with people without having to make a bunch of calls everyday or just think if you could set up a blog for you childs class and keep parents updated with all the fun stuff happening in their class. That home room mom would  be the Bestest!! I have had such a great response from everyone (yeah I actually have readers...who knew?) that I would love to encourage people to start a family, mom or just a for fun blog and if you decided to forward me the link I want to keep up with ya'll! You will be amazed at how addicting and constructive it is. I even found a place that will print your blog and bind it into a book. How cool is that! All the pictures I post of Rees that might be a good idea to have for him when he gets older. Okay, enough play time my stupid ol' laundry won't fold it's self so I better get to it. I have to have a clean house and no laundry by Sunday night so I can start out fresh on Mondays! I know kinda weird but it's my thing!


Jesse maynard said...

good job amy

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