Saturday, November 7, 2009


Definition (made up by me:) Things that enter your mind through out the day that just bring a smile to your face.

I worked lunch and dinner at the store today. We are a little understaffed right now so I have spent some extra time in the kitchen, which I enjoy. I like all the girls and I love to get to interact with people and it makes the day go by so fast. But today when things were a little slow and I was wiping down my food cart I had a random thing pop in my mind...pretty couches. I know right? Weird. I was imagining finding one of those gorgeous vintage couches that was in pristine condition and made with red velvet. It brought a smile to my face then I popped out of it and realized that while I couch shopping my hand had made it's way into the mayo YUCK! After I laughed I realized how neat it was to just step outside of my worries and everyday life and just think about  "nothings". Sometimes those 60 seconds of uninterrupted bliss renew me for another day. It does sound a little dramatic I know but simple things are very important!
So here's my list of random wonderful things that make me smile!
1. Organization...oh how I love to color coordinate my closet!
2. Bernie after he comes back from the groomers, he smells heavenly
3. Vintage couches (as previously mentioned)
4. Christmas ornaments
5. Pretty Yarn
6. Ice storms (I love the way the trees look)
7.  Stationary
And this list goes on and on. Drifting off into la la land is not always a bad thing in my opinion just like when Rees is watching his morning dose of Yo Gabba Gabba (A mind numbing childrens program) day dreaming is what gets me through LOL...that show is so bad! Well my break is over back to work I go!


Anonymous said...

Amy you are so stinking funny thanks so much for the laugh!!! I had a happy moment yesterday me and josh were driving to Hunington and christmas music came on! I might me a big dork but I love Christmas Music..HAHAHA! I hate Yo Gabba Gabba but Lilees new favorite is Berenstein Bears on the sprout channel you should try that one. Sarah

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