Monday, November 30, 2009

My perfect moment.

7:42 pm Monday evening. My living room is nice and clean all the toys put up. The baby is bathed and in his jammies. He has had a snack. Mat is relaxing on the couch and good tv is getting ready to start. Aghhh does it get any better than this? I am so happy in this moment that I have sat here for ten minutes and just thought to myself what did I do so right to deserve this? All the other stuff in life are just details. The only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is your family. Now that the "moment" is over Rees is standing over on the bench grunting which means he has just poopied in the pullup, which is so bad. As I say Rees what are you doing? Did you poop? He replies Pooooop. Such a short moment. LOL I can't believe how well potty training is going though, all jokes aside he is doing amazing with it. I am not pushing or making him do anything yet and he comes to me and says pee pee and he goes in and uses it as soon as his tushy hits the seat. So I hope things keep going this smoothly. Well I have a big day tomorrow so I am going to settle in and watch my Monday sitcoms that I look forward to every week then turn in early.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are happy!!!! I am so proud of Rees for being such a big boy....maybe when he gets trained he can come teach Lilee!! HAHAHAH!

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