Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you have the spirit yet?

As previously stated this week I DO! I am a Christmasholic right now. So much so I hit up Hobby Lobby for a new tree and some new decorations partly because I needed to freshin things up and partly (and this was a bigger part) because all my other stuff is up stairs tucked deep within the scary, smelly, cramped attic with pull down stairs that sound like they are going to fall off every time I climb them so I thought a new one was a good idea. Then it hit me that it's just November, and I really shouldn't put the tree up yet for Rees to climb so I got the bright idea of setting it up in the Photog studio! I will use it as my Christmas picture scene then move it to my house...genius I know right? I love when I kill two birds with one stone figuratively of course :) So I have decorated my tree only to figure out that I did not get enough ornaments for my gigantore tree it is so dag gone tall that it is hard to get the whole tree in the frame so I have to figure out all that.... I took so many pics of the tree tonight if only I had a cooperative test subject (that wouldn't climb my tree) but I didn't so the pictures are of the lonely tree, well actually I did wrap some faux presents lol, the paper matched the decorations I couldn't resist. I will sort through the pics and show you the tree tommorow but for now check this one out I did spruce it up a little but the lighting is all natural. Do you like? I fell in love with it, but I like different stuff, I know it's not for everyone but it strikes me, makes me feel all gingerbread cookies and pine scent inside (Christmassy) I hope you all catch the spirit soon seems like there is a lot of bagh humbug right now!


Anonymous said...

We are ready for pictures anytime amy!! josh is here in the mornings and sometimes saturday evening and sunday all day!! let me know whens good for you!!! thanks so much!! Sarah

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