Monday, November 9, 2009


It's right around the corner! I am so stinkin excited this year. Rees is just the right age to really enjoy it. I am starting early to try an explain about Santa Claus so he just might understand it. Is he too young for that yet??? My house is so cramped that I am already stressing about a tree. I already know that it will be climbed and pulled down multiple times. And anyone that knows me, knows that I have a ton of different "themes" that I have decorated my trees with over the years, but which one can I spare? Ya know if it gets broke or whatnot. It's inevitable and I don't want to get upset about it so I am going to plan on losing a few bulbs to warfare...aka Rees. So I have decided to decorate the Korner up all pretty and I started by purchasing these adorable snowmen valances from LTD they were so cheap like $4 each I need 7 of them so I have to bargain shop! But they are really adorable and I want to decorate my tree here all nice and pretty. I hang wreaths on all the windows I enjoy going over on Sunday mornings and being by my self to decorate that big open space! The only thing that sucks is when people steal the decorations LOL, but it's happening less often now so that's a plus! I am sitting at work taking a break from reconciling my bank accounts and this was my happy thought of the morning! And as Sarah reminded my Christmas music time is approaching I just can't wait!!!


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Amy this is just a thought but the first year Lilee was destructive at christmas time we put the Christmas tree in a corner and put a gate around it! He and still look at all the pretty lights but he cant touch it is wonderful!! I have already started listening to Christmas music....I am ok with the fact that I am a big DORK!!! But I love Christmas time! Pioneer Women is also my favorite so I will definintely have to put that book on my list. I also have a new favorite stare Amy you have to go into the Primitive Barn were the empty nest used to be. I love it loveit and they have alot of Christmas stuff too!! Sarah

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