Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I went a little overboard...

So I decided I needed to order myself some new pictures of Rees. I took some last week that turned out really well. So I couldn't choose which ones to print then I decided to make collages. Once I got started I couldn't stop! I ended up ordering 5 collages ranging in size from 10x20 to 20x20 LOL, as everyone knows we are limited on wall space so I'm not sure what I am going to do with these when they get here but I couldn't stop designing them. Going into the holiday season is so exciting this year. I can't wait to start taking Christmas pictures! I have had a lot of shoots lately and they have all come from word of mouth, that has been so encouraging. I love photography! I am looking forward to putting together something fun for holiday pictures!
Here's what I put together and ordered for myself.



Anonymous said...

Amy I really like the Brown one he is so handsome!! Me and Josh were wondering if you would be able to take a family Christmas picture so we can order cards this month sometime? YOu u are to busy I completely understand just let me know!!! Thanks so much!!

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