Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Pictures = mommy going insane!

The whole reason I became interested in photography was because I wanted to photograph my beautiful son. Every single time we step into my studio it's like a switch flips and he turns into another child. One that is dead and determined that he WILL NOT let his mother get a good picture. Ughh... so here we go again.

I gotta admit, I am loving the last one, it is so rees! Whata turd. This was Sunday morning while I had him dressed for church (he went for the first time with his Nana) I decided to slip over and get some pictures so now I see that I will have to take pictures everyday for the next month to get the "perfect" picture. Well at least the posed, well mannered, my kid is a little angel one that your supposed to have at Christmas :)
Here is a picture of the tree I put up in the studio for Christmas pictures, although I wasn't exactly happy with it so I have changed it since then so I'll post the others soon. And anyone that needs some family Christmas pictures just come on over and I'll click away!


Anonymous said...

When would be a good time for you Amy I have our clothes all ready!!! Sarah

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