Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back in action

It's been over a week since I blogged and I have a lot to talk about. So did any of you crazies go shopping on Friday?Sister? (Inside joke, I don't think I'll embarrass her today) I have to tell you about all the awesomely wonderful deals I got...from the comfort of my own home! Yeah, I didn't know how good the sales would be online, but now that I know I have got to tell ya I will NEVER go shopping at 5am again. I stayed up until midnight to lurk around the stores and see if any of them were doing "black Friday" sales online and to my surprise they were and it was Amazing. I shopped Old Navy and got over half my people done. Then I hit Kohls and got a ton of stuff for dirt cheap. Then Sephora. Then American Eagle. Oh the memories of hot chocolate and internet shopping on Black Friday. It makes me so happy. Then at 2am I was tucked away in bed dreaming of buy one get one free sales. You have to try it next year! Now they have a new holiday (well that's what I'm calling it) called Cyber Monday where the stores have internet sales so I'm really hyped up for that. I have done so well sticking to my budget this year. I think it has helped that I have done ALL my shopping online thus far and I haven't been tempted in the stores to buy all the "extras".

Thanksgiving. Three places to eat = big belly and stretch pants. The food was so good. The company was great. Nothing more to say.

I have a stupid cold and I have lost my voice. I just feel stupid when this happens. I worked today and I was trying to make calls on bounced checks and the people were like what? who? ... hang up! I was one mad voiceless woman. ** If you are wondering why I was trying to make those calls on a Saturday it's because I have tried numerous times during the week and had no luck so I figured they might not expect it on the weekend. Desperate I know. I have been drinking hot tea with honey and that isn't even working for me so I guess I just have to let it run it's course. I am sitting here listening to Rees cough during his nap hoping and praying that he doesn't catch it. It breaks my heart when he's sick.

I put up all my Christmas dec at the restaurant now I am trying to get geared up to go up in the attic. Oh how I dread it. It is so nasty up there. Smelly, low ceilings, dusty and worst of all a gigantic mess. Then there are pull down steps so getting the all that stuff down is hard. I can't wait until I have a real storage area. Oh well. I got my Christmas dishes out already does that count?  Off I go to get Rees up.


Anonymous said...

I have really missed your entries on here so glad your back!!! I hope you have a good week. We should get the kids together to play soon! Sarah

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