Monday, November 9, 2009

It has arrived!

As I have preached before I absolutely LOVE the Pioneer Woman. She is the shiznic. I am imaginary best friends with that weird? HERE is here incredibly fabulous website. You have to go see it...right now look around then finish reading this. Her site is way more important than this!

Okay your back...good! Now for the icing on the cake. Her new cookbook arrived to me today! Yeah. It is so great. I am in love with it, the recipes, the photography, her wonderful sense of humor aghh she's is so great. And all her info is free! well, not the cookbook but it was cheap. Click HERE to buy a copy from Amazon for $15. It's a hardback with a beautiful cover, and extraordinary photography.  She has a bazillion pictures with each recipe and her recipes are super yummy and from everyday items that we have in Gallia county. Her stories will entertain you and her hilarity is unmatched. I am just in love with this book and I think everyone should own it. She gives lots of great tips too. So please please please check it out, you won't regret it. Off to cook dinner!  Oh I almost forgot here are a few pictures I took of my new prized possession.

***My kitchen light is not working for some reason that is why the lighting stinks!


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