Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here is me waiving the white flag!

Day three of trying to get good Christmas pictures went terribly wrong...surprise surprise. I tried this morning then I called Abby this evening for reinforcements and nothing, nada, zilch nil I give.  He wins. My 1 1/5 year old beat me. But, I did come out of it with some awesome blackmail pics for when he gets a little older :) So I am just exhausted. Today was supposed to be a nice pj day where him and I just bummed around and had a nice peaceful day. Well after the commotions this morning with pictures, the house work that I attempted to get done (attempted being the keyword), Rees cutting about a zillion teeth all at one time, and the robberies that are polluting our town I have had a very stressful, non relaxing day. But I didn't get out of my pj's so that was pretty sweet. So my Christmas to do list is so freakin long that I am now feeling very overwhelmed and non organized, which makes me a crazy person. I have to get a holiday game plan and get everything done early so I can enjoy the season and not have the burden of rushing around last minute. I am so not into that, but all to often it is thrown upon me from my "other" half. He is such a procrastinator and it makes me insane. He always makes up late and we have to do everything (that he is part of) last minute. I am hand making a lot of my gifts this year so I have to get a move on! I work the next couple of days so Rees man will get a little picture vacation but here is a sampling of a semi good one that I got today. I like it, it's not Christmassy (I have now coined that word fyi) but as a mom it just reminds me so much of him. Sounds weird but you other moms know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Amy for some reason I just absolutely love this picture I think it was a success!!!! Sarah

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