Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All my goodies arrived today

Every thing I ordered on Black Friday came today or I at least I think, LOL it was all kind of a blur since it was so late but I think I got everything today. How great is that? I shopped in my jammies, got all the great deals, didn't wait in line and it came to me without me having to make a hundred trips outside to the car. I will never go out on black friday again. I'm so into the internet shopping this year. It's been a lot easier this year because we're all making cutbacks this year (which is great) and I thought it might make things hard, but it has actually been easier and I have put more thought into the gifts. I'm about half done and I think Abby and I are going to do a sister trip to Cincinnati at some point during December so I hope I can finish up during that trip. I am seriously immersed in the Christmas spirit. I spruced up my tree today, I can't stop adding ornaments it's like I'm addicted to decorating it. So you can't see much green on it anymore but I'm finally satisfied! I plan on taking Rees to go see some Christmas lights soon! Oh I just love this time of year. If only it would snow I would be in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Amy we are taking Lilee to see the lights at the zoo next friday! You should take Rees to see those lights we woulld love them!! Sarah

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