Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A picture says a thousand words

This is Bernie. He is a wonderful family dog. Lately Bernie as been participating in family activities a lot more than he usually does. Like our snow day. He came out with Rees and I and played in the snow for an hour or so. Bernie is a little (a lot) over weight so it has taken a toll on the poor dog. Between the snow day, being harassed by the new kitten and helping me wrap presents poor Bernie is exhausted. I was using him as a model for some pictures I wanted to take of Rees because the dog can hold still longer than my boy can. During me posing him and taking test shoots poor Bernie fell asleep.

Back to our snow day. I am such a kid when it comes to snow. I enjoyed it more than Rees did. I had bought this cool little snowman kit that I have been patiently waiting to use. So  I rolled my snowman out and stacked him up, then all the sudden some little maniac child comes out of nowhere and starts knocking him down, before I even got him decorated? What's up with that? Control your child. Somebody get this little hoodlum, oh wait he's mine. LOL It was really that bad though. He was certain that he didn't want this  "homan" up, until I broke out the snowman kit. He started to enjoy it then. We had coal coming out the snowmans back and the carrot out of his side etc etc etc. So when Rees got bored of playing with that I went back over and had my fun decorating him properly. See....

Then I proceeded to pull Rees around our huge yard for about thirty minutes until I thought I was going to pass out. He just kept saying "pooosshhhh pooosshhhh" I just had to laugh and tell him okay I'll PULL you. and that was our day.


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