Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nothing interesting

Not that I'm complaining but life is a bit dull today. We didn't feel like going out and doing much tonight so we planned on staying home, having a good home cooked dinner and putting some storage units together that we purchased three weeks ago. We're 1 for 3. We certainly accomplished staying home but I went over to the store to catch up on some work and I didn't get home until 6ish and the boys were eating. I had steaks laid out and didn't get to cook them :( Then our evening slipped away and still no storage units put together, how does Mat get out of that every time it's on the to-do list??? Rees had been doing so well with potty training. I have to be more vigilant with it. He comes and tells me he has to pee. This is the last little "baby" thing that I have left. I thought I would be super dooper happy when the day came, but inside it feels sorta like he's trying to cut all ties from me, is that silly? Probably, but that's the way I feel and I'm sticking to it. He put on his little boxer briefs this morning and they are so darned cute. He won't wear his pants he has to show his big boy undies off. Aghh were does the time go? He is so big now. He can communicate so well now. His words are forming so well and he understands/remembers everything! Amazing how much children learn in such a short amount of time. Well I'm depressed now, and please no one suggest the addition of child number two yet... forewarning I just like to moan and groan about my baby boy growing so quickly, but I am not in any way saying I need another baby at the moment :) Next big ordeal will be getting a house with more room so someday we may be able to accommodate another child, Rees has taken over our whole house now with the addition of his Christmas toys. I feel a Yard Sale coming on in the Spring. I am trying so hard to make it until the ball drops I just don't think I'm going to make it another thirty minutes, wish me luck !



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