Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy Birthday Day

Today, December 5th is always a great day for me. Two of the most important people in my life celebrate their day of birth. My sister and husband. I am so thankful to have such amazing people in my life and today is the day to let them know it. My sister and I have a very special day planned together (just the two of us, I can't remember the last time we've gotten to do that) and Mat has his own special day planned (it is deer season people.) I would just like to tell them both how much I love them and they are both my very best friends in the whole world. You two are the best!!!

Now, on to the beautiful site out the window this morning. 

It's bad for business, it forces me to stay at home (I don't drive with Rees in the snow if I can avoid it), and sometimes we lose our power but with all that said I still pray for the big snow storm to come like I did when I was 10 praying that school would be canceled. I don't think this is supposed to amount to much but it makes it feel more like winter.

Now for more big news. Can you believe it? It has finally happened. I can't tell you what I had to promise and how much I had to beg and plead but it happened and that's all that matters. You all might not think this is wall worthy but I am in love with it. It is the perfect description of my little man. Such a turd and so ornery but adorable and sweet at the same time. He is the perfect  mixture and I think this picture represents ALL of that. So this is getting enlarged and is going on my wall. This was the 7th photo session that him and I have had this month. It only took about 3 total hours to get this picture. LOL, I think I might have just worn him down, but it doesn't matter how just that I got it. Isn't he adorable?  

Now I'm off the the bath and I'm going to get ready for a long over due day out with my fabulous sister.


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Oh Amy he is so PRECIOUS!!!Sarah

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