Saturday, October 31, 2009


How is that possible? September drug by for us then October flew by now it's November yikes! I am all of the sudden feeling the pressures of the holidays. For some reason I feel that I should have already started Christmas shopping. I feel behind which is very silly but I can't seem to shake the feeling. I'm so glad that we are gaining an hour of sleep tonight, but will Rees' internal clock realize it? I did however run onto some wonderful diy projects that I am going to do for presents this year. I will be starting them soon because I know how upset I would be putting that off and trying to scurry to get it done at the last minute and I so want to enjoy the holidays this year. I say that every year but I am trying to start early to make it a reality this year! We'll see how it turns out.

I have taken so many pictures of Rees this month. We have had like 5 "shoots" where I have dressed him and took him to the studio and they have not all turned out fantastic but we made memories that's all that counts...right??? (at least that's what I tell myself) So here is a pic from one we did this week and I love so many of the pictures that I took. He was in the mood, I bribed him with a huge sucker and he was in the mood to put on a show. Here's a sampling.


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