Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finally some peace

I accomplished it! A peaceful drama free weekend. Rees was in great spirits, Mat and I had a date and I got to take pictures of a newborn! What more could I ask for? So Friday night Rees' Nana & Papa kept him so Mat and I could go to dinner and a movie we were a little pressed for time so we did Chinese and Mat was really set on watching Couples Retreat and I was good with that (the one I really wanted to see, Law Abiding Citizen wasn't on here???) so we get there and go to pay for our ticket and CR was broke. Only in Gallia county does something like this happen LOL so instead of being smart and just leaving we decided to try out Stepfather I had never even heard of it I had no clue what type of movie it was and let me tell ya every teenager with raging hormones was in that theater YUCK!!! It was a teenager scary movie so about 30 minutes into it I just broke I couldn't watch the out of focus screen (1/2 the movie was on the wall instead of the stupid screen) the speakers were crackling really badly and the kids were throwing candy enough was enough I was just happy to be out of the house and with Mat so we cut our date short which was fine I was excited to get back to our little man anyways. Then Saturday I got to work at the store then we went to dinner for Tricia's 28th B-day. Which I won't go into all that but I just want to apologize to her ***she understands!!! We owe ya an Outback dinner :) Then Sunday we had a lot of family time which is always uplifting and makes me in happy spirits. And Rees and I got a 3 hour nap in today! Our weekend was great.
As I said earlier Rees was not um lets say comfortable with this dragon costume so I decided I would let him run around in it and get him used to it so it wouldn't be a miserable trick or treat evening. Talk about a good idea, he had a great time. He was hiding behind the bushes and jumping out and scaring us it was hilarious. This is a snapshot I got from our play time.


Anonymous said...

A date that must have been nice!! I am glad you had a great weekend. And I am so glad Rees is 100%!! I hope you have a good week and trick or treat!!!! Sarah

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