Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to normal

So after a tough couple weeks I'm finally back on track. Everyone is back healthy in my house, dad is doing great in his recovery and mom is starting to keep Rees again...all is well in the world! I'm pretty much caught up at the store which makes me so happy I have been stressin about my work piling up and the last two days I have accomplished a lot so that takes a lot of worry away. Rees is back in action. He has finally overcome the grouchiness of being sick. He always gets this mean thing when he is getting over being sick and it drives me nutso because I hate to get on him when he's sick but then I think if I let him get away with it he'll think it's okay...I tend to overthink all things related to disciplin but I don't want no hoodlum! But, his grouchy ways were gone today and we had a wonderful time hanging out this evening and playing games. And that was our day. I am so glad Monday is here and a new week is starting. Not to mention it's good tv 13 the best sitcoms ever!

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Anonymous said...

i am so glad to hear rees is all better!!!!! Sarah Polcyn

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