Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or treat

Trick or Treat of 2009 was a success in my book. Rees didn't freak out when he got in his costume, He actually passed candy out to other kids, I avoided going door to door (we went to the store and handed out candy instead of going out to get candy), we got to see a lot of people, and the sugar high wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had a total dumba** moment and thought I would be a "fun" parent for the day??? I know right, it already sounds like a bad idea. So after he got up from his nap I let him start eating candy. He does not get a lot of sweets so this really was a treat for him. It was like he found a secret we had been hiding from him and his little fingers couldn't get the smartie packages open fast enough! So then it hit me, he's going to come down from this sugar high AGhhhh! But it was too late now I have already crossed the bridge no time to go back now. So we proceeded to eat candy ALL evening long. After trick or treat was over we went in to see Aunt Tricia at the barn yard bash and it was a lot of fun. They had a ton of stuff for kids and it was all free. Huge bouncy houses and big slides, face painting, cookie decorating games it was a great time. And after all this "miss steps" that I had taken through out the day as a parent what's one more right? We took our sugared up toddler to Chinese at 8:00. What was I thinking. And as soon as we walked in the door they gave him more candy which he wouldn't stop screaming until we let him eat ... so we did :) Needless to say we cut dinner a little short and now I know what NOT TO Do next year! But it was really a good time we all got to be together and have fun what more could I ask for!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute!!! Can you send me a copy....Rees was so cute in his costume..

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