Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crappy weather = lazy

This weather stinks! I am trying so hard to sit at my craft table and be creative, but I am just a blank slate today. I look out the windows and see all this misty rain and it makes me wanna go take a hot bath or curl up in bed neither of which is productive! I am trying to resist the temptation so bad but I just can't get into the mood to do anything as a matter of fact I am still in my pj's at 2:00. I have cleaned a lot today which in my book doesn't count for a whole lot lol, I mean I love a clean house but I feel much more accomplished when I do scrapbook pages rather than fold laundry! I even wiped down the cabinets today with orange oil, have you ever smelled that stuff....oh I love it! I went into Kmart yesterday and they already have xmas trees up and decorated (none that I even thought were pretty) but it's just so soon for that, seems like every year it's a week or so early than the previous year. I walked down one isle of Halloween then up the next isle I was looking at Xmas dec. that's just crazy. Does anyone else adore Kmarts toy selection? I just love their stuff I can do so much better there for Rees than Walmart I have a big problem with purchasing toys, I think I like them more than he does. He never whines for any (yet) I just love to look at them!

Today has been so much better than yesterday with Rees. His attitude has been much calmer and loving I was really starting to wonder what the heck was happening LOL where did my kiddo go??? But seems like he's back today loving all over his mama. How does that work anyways? Kids can make you so mad one day then the next it's like you don't even remember how mad you where it's just like they are the best thing since bread! LOL, I love bread so much :) <----carboholic! He's even eating good for me today. Makes me so happy. Hmmm anything else random to chat about? Nothing else really comes to mind so I guess I'll resume trying to be creative again! Have a wonderful rainy day.

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