Monday, October 5, 2009


Is anyone else scared? Just today I have heard of over 10 reports of swine flu in our county. I feel like locking my doors and not letting anyone in. This is so scary. I am a member of a photog forum (for like a year now) and I really enjoy all the moms on the site but this morning one of the more active members lost her 4 year old son to H1N1 because it turned into pneumonia. Can you image? I am going crazy in my mind thinking of these germs just waiting to attack my child. Is that extreme??? Probably but it's also realistic. My MIL is a nurse and she works with the public so that really scares me for her too. I just can't help but be really bothered to the point I am driving myself insane thinking about it. He is teething, I know that but there are always the "what if's" but then it's scary thinking of taking him to the hospital where other sick people are because what if he's not sick? Then that might make him sick ACKKK I'm a nut or am I going nuts? Either way this is so scary, and I'm sorry to force my thoughts about this upon others but I am so worried about this and from what I am hearing it is much worse the younger you are so please WASH your hands often and clorox everything. I have went through a whole super sized can of clorox wipes today. The H1N1 shot should be here soon make sure and try to get one!!!

UPDATE: No shopping for a while. I really want to but I'm not willing to take Rees in public for a while. Just think about shopping cart handles etc. It is scary.

Thanks for letting me vent. Remember Antibacterial is your friend :)

Oh, and thanks Celeste I am going to pick those teething tablets up and try them I'll let ya know how they work. I had never heard of them

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Anonymous said...

Amy the swine flu thing also scares me to death! Because if there is a illness to get my little lady is bound and determined to get it. I have been sanitizeing everything. If I have to go to the store i definitely use the cart cover. I wash that thing everytime we use it. You are not the only one that is nervous. It just makes me want to put lilee in a bubble!!! Sarah Polcyn

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