Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wowza what a week...

Turns out that no matter how much I hand sanitized the stupid flu found our family anyways! I lived in fear of Rees catching it and guess what he did. I'm still not sure if the symptoms last weekend were early signs or teething (like I originally thought) because he did cut two teeth but then he got the flu so who knows. We took him to his Dr. on Wed and she tested him for strep because she said his throat had blisters in it but they also did the flu swab (which looks so painful) no strep, but yes to flu. Because of the time it takes to get the H1N1 results back they are treating all cases as that. He was so sick. His little body was so droopy and sad, our little man is usually so perky and energized and to see him like that was devastating. Having him hospitalized was truly the best thing for him. He needed the I.V. and the oxygen tent or he would probably still be down and out. So when we came home he perked up and he's is doing great now. I got the same thing and I had to go back to Urgent care Friday for an antibiotic and when I woke up today I felt much healthier. Still not 100% but just happy things are back on track.

It has been such a hard week because with my dad recovering from surgery I obviously can't go around him or my mom because if he were to catch this I would never forgive myself. I miss them so much. Seems like when something this HUGE happens you just want your mom and dad and there wasn't a chance of that for me:( Mat's mom and dad were able to help out so that was good. I am really missing my parents right now, I sound like a big baby but I haven't gotten to see them in over a week now, not to mention I have severe cabin fever so I am whiny anyways LOL. I am still scared to get out and about with Rees. This whole experience was so scary I can't image going through it again.

I was looking forward to the Farm Fest but I'm not going to attempt that because I don't want to spread my germs or catch anyone elses. Man I was really looking forward to some yummy apple cider oh well, I guess I'll have to head over to the place in Jackson to pick some fresh up.

Oh how I hope life will get back to normal next week. Sometimes I just get so bored with the schedule that I maintain but when it's gone I remember why it works so well for me. It really bothers me when we are in limbo and don't have plans.

So in summary, Rees is a crazy little monkey again, I am feeling much much better, Mat isn't sick at all and I am looking so forward to Monday to start a whole NEW week. Everyone take care!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to here you two are feeling better! I will keep you in my prayers. If you need anything just let me know! Sarah Polcyn

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