Friday, October 16, 2009

How do ya like it?

I made over my blog for fall. That was how I ended up being productive last night and today. I don't remember life before computers. The internet is so handy. I self taught myself how to put build this thing from the ground up in less than a day how cool is that? I just googled my questions and watched some youtube videos for clarity and tada it's a pretty blog (at least I like it:) It still amazes me the amount of free information that is at our finger tips. ANYTHING... I am becoming a youtube junkie. Anything that I come up with that I want to learn that is the first place I go. Like for instance I wanted to see the process of making a cheese cake...I you tubed it and then decided that it's too much work and I decided against it, but my point is a 5 min video saved me a couple hours of my life LOL that may be a little dramatic but you get my drift. Then I decided to learn how to knit hats and those skills were learned from you tube also at my own pace and for free. Just makes me happy to learn things. I would bet money that I have more useless skills than 5 normal people combine. Just silly things that are so random I don't want to even discuss it. But I am addicted to learning things, I guess you could say knowledge is my "crack" and I am very addicted. I think I have a short attention span too because once I learn it I hardly ever use it again I go through hobbies like socks. Excluding scrapbooking and photography those are definitely keepers. Since I now know how to do blog design (very basic knowledge) I wish that I could pursue it. This is were I get really aggravated at myself. I love to learn things but I can't for the life of me stick with anything (aside from the fore mentioned) I think this will be my resolution for next year (because we all know how easy those are :) is to see things through to the end and try to become very knowledgeable about less things. Not the quantity of things I learn but more about the quality. Man am I rambling or what? I have spent most of the day with Rees talking about cars, balls and puzzles I guess I am needing to vent. Off to watch my Ugly Betty season premiere that I have been looking forward to for months!!! That show just makes me laugh. It is a bit silly but I just love it.

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Anonymous said...

Amy this background is beautiful. I got my background on my blogg and now I can change it! I guess we cant all be as creative as you lol. I am suffering from severs cabin fever right now so I am just ramblleing on sorry! I hope you all are well and I will keep little Rees in my prayers! Sarah Polcyn

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