Monday, October 19, 2009

Great weekend

So how was everyone's weekend? I know the weather was lousy, but it got me in the fall/winter time spirit. I am mentally ready for snow now too :) I can't wait to take Rees out in a big snow storm I think he's really gonna like it this year, as opposed to last year when he cried his eyes out when we tried to play in it. I broke out some winter clothing, which is my favorite thing to wear. I love anything cuddly and warm. And scarfs ohhh I love em. I even wore one today with a jean jacket my attempt at trying to be trendy, not really sure I pulled it off though. I have been working hard on learning more about the blogging thing (building blog backgrounds) and I have found so much great info and some really great sites that are so easy to understand. So with all my new found knowledge I have created my Thanksgiving and Christmas blog backgrounds LOL, so I can't hardly wait to use them....I guess I have a while to wait now.

Oh, back to my weekend. How do I get so far off track so quickly? I went shopping this weekend for some clothes, but of course I only bought one pair of jeans and one top everything else was for Rees. I have an addiction to buying for him. It might just be a 99 cent pair of socks but I just can't resist. I always go to his dept first now too. Clothes are so cute in little baby sizes especially shoes aghh don't even get me started on that. He was so sweet and cuddly this weekend so I took full advantage of that. We're finally back on track after our horrible hospital stay things were so far off whack that it took us a while to get on our schedule (which I LOVE) Only funny thing well it's not really funny lets call it annoying instead is he wakes up every night at four o'clock??? What the heck is he thinking? So I'm a little exhausted, but we have been staying at home a lot lately and just having fun! And that was our weekend. Oh, I got him a Halloween costume too. I am not completely sold on it yet but there was NOTHING to chose from. All the stores were empty and the ones online that Iwanted are on b/o so I went ahead and bought the dinosaur which is really cute but he is really freaked out by it so I'm not sure how that is all going to go down. Wish me luck with it!


Anonymous said...

How is that going togo if he is afraid of his costume that is so funny!!! I am so glad to hear everyone is feeling better! Sarah

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