Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do you ever just wonder what the heck???

I am just sick about that "mad scientist" guy that said his little boy was in that balloon thingy only to find out it was all a hoax. I was truly concerned for that little boys well being when they were pleading for his safe return. I just cannot image how messed up that family is to pull a stunt like that. Who does that??? So it got me to thinking about how strange people are. I see all different kinds at work and let me tell you there are some dandies. For the most part people are nice, kind and very caring but then you run onto the really "special" ones like today. I was at a pump filling my car up and there was a line so I patiently waited (I was next) then a truck pulled up behind me. The next car to leave pulled out and this truck went to whip around me I proceed to pull up to the pump and I was going to crowd into the middle one (like I did anyways) to give this man room to pump since he was obviously in a hurry. Turns out he didn't pull into the spot I made him but he waited to get gas on the other side when he got out of his truck to pump from the same pump I was on he wreaked of alcohol he was stumbling and really rude to me (we won't go into all that :) when he went in to pay I looked over only to see a little boy in his truck, not buckled in or anything probably about 3-4 years old. What is the world coming to? I was sick. #1 this man is endangering this poor child's life #2 his is driving drunk which is a harm to my baby in my car #3 I felt helpless. It really gives me a nauseous feeling to think what that little boys life must be like. I know it's not right to judge people and I really wasn't judging him until he lit into me for no reason but, more so I think I just felt sick about it all. I can definitely be a harda** sometimes but I'm a huge softy when it comes to things like this. It ruined my day. I have been thinking about that little boy all afternoon and there is nothing I can do. Breaks my heart. I really don't have a point or anything of value to come out of this story I just had to get it off my chest and share my anger/heart break about it. I think I will just try to keep the unknown little boy in my thoughts and prayers and maybe things will turn out good for him.

So on that sad note I think I am going to turn in for the evening and hope tomorrow is a happy & cheerful day. Oh.... before pumping gas I was heading to my dad's to take pictures of Rees outside with the leaves and such for some good fall pictures and of course that was a bust LOL, I got some cute ones but nothing like what I had thought I was going to get he still won't hold still long enough for me to even focus on him let alone pose him. So I am going to play with them tomorrow and I'll post the results.


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