Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh to blog again

Seems like it's been forever since I have blogged just for the heck of it. Now is as good as time as any to catch up. Dad is recovering very quickly so all is well over his way. I was hoping things could slow down and go back to normal for a bit but no such luck my little man is cutting another dang tooth. He has such a hard time with them. He spiked a big fever, got the chills, was up ALL night, won't eat, runny nose and just feel rotten. I hate it for him so badly. That all happened Saturday night. Oh, I should back up and share our big Saturday night plans. I got the bright idea that we should do something fun as a family...but what in G-county options are so limited so we decided to see if Rees would enjoy a movie. We went to Mexican and that was yummy then we ventured off to Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We paid $14 to get in, spent $12 on junk food then got in to an already started movie... 1o minutes later we were exiting the theater. LOL, he is so not ready for that yet. Now we know! It was a desperate attempt to do a family thing close to home but maybe next year! Okay back to sickness... So today Rees threw up his milk this morning now I am super worried that maybe it's not teeth? How are you ever really sure it's just a big guessing game but I don't ever feel better even after taking him to the Dr. because it doesn't seem like they ever have answers? He is so pathetic and lifeless. He still won't eat anything substantial and he is so tired and whinny I am so torn as to what to do. If he wakes up with this in the morning I think we're gonna go to the Dr...yuck! Oh fyi he doesn't have a temp anymore.

We were outside for a bit today. It's such a great fall day out. I ripped up all of my geraniums so I can replace them with the god for saken mums that I say I'm never going to plant again but always do. and then I'm going to hit Hobby Lobby for some fall dec since they have it all 1/2 price. The new one in Huntington is SOooooo nice I love it. As soon as Rees gets over all this we have some shoppin to do!

I have done some really great photo shoots lately (one of which was a newborn!!!) so I am trying to get the photos together then I'll be posting them on here to share! So there will be more posts soon on events of this past week.

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C said...

Amy, Have you tried Dr. Hylands teething tablets? I haven't used them yet, but i have heard rave reviews, they are homeopathic and they have them at CVS in the baby isle. More than one person has recommended them to me. They may be worth a try. Good Luck with the little guy, hope he feels better.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Polcyn
Amy I hope Rees feels better soon. Those Little teffers can hurt. When Lilee would really be hurting I would put her in a high chair and give her a cold popsickle. She loved them and it numbed those gums! Just keep in mind that he wont teeth forever!

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