Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh the "productive" moods

I have been such a worker bee today and yesterday. I have gotten so much accomplished and all my fall decorations are out and I'm going to go buy some mums tomorrow for the patio I'm actually ahead of the game for once! I even have the restaurant falled' out! This is my favorite season although I do love Christmas decorations I don't like the weather as much so fall is just perfect to me. I even bought new plug-ins today that are pumpkin scented. I am in the mood for chilly evenings and hot chocolate maybe even a football game. Which leads to the current dilemma I am having...Halloween costumes??? Rees is too big for the cutesy baby outfits and I can't find anything good for toddlers so I am stumped even before I had Rees I always dressed my dog Bernie up. I love Halloween! So if anyone knows of good costumes and you want to share some ideas I would LOVE to hear them. Small insignificant things like this bother me, I'm better at dealing with big crisis than little things like Halloween costumes :) Other than those small things life is just truckin on and on nothing big to report thank goodness! Although just an FYI Walmart has these amazing cast iron molded pans on an end cap in the kitchen isle they are fall pans and there are several different designs I picked a bread loaf pan up that has pumpkins and gourds in a wagon it is so stinkin cute so my bread will be really pretty this year! Just thought I would pass that on there weren't too many left so if your interested hurry.

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