Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mommy brain?

Seriously being pregnant made me dumb! I have always had a sub par memory (which is also worse after being pregnant) but the forgetfulness that I suffer from on a daily basis is driving me crazy. The moment I was pregnant I started asking stupid questions and it has only went down hill from there. I consider myself an intelligent human being but the the things that I am struggling with after having a baby are crazy. Like what is my dog groomers name? Seriously I have gone to the same man for seven years how could I forget that? Then yesterday I actually had to ask myself where I kept the spare checks for our account...can you believe that they have been in the same place for seven years I go through checks frequently how could I forget something like that? Then sometimes I get so p'd off when I ask a completely lame question that I know better than to ask. Like with the HVAC guy the other day well it's too embarrassing I can't even repeat it. but you get the point. I have had several other ladies complain of the same thing. Is this a real condition? I would have to say yes I just wish I had a DR. degree to back it with LOL! Just a rant for the day as I am sitting here in my office trying to remember where the heck I stored the thousand's of rubber bands I bought???

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