Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eek Grouchy is not the word

What is up with the mood swings? Is it terrible two's a little early? Maybe a tooth breaking through? Or just a bad mood? I wish Rees could talk. Aside from the words cheese, dog and please he really can't say anything significant yet. Although he gets his point across non-verbally really well. Today has been such a "trying" day to put it mildly. Everything has been a struggle and I think he's enjoying being a little turd today. I have taken up a new little hobby that I have enjoyed doing today while he is thrShow allowing his fits I just knit away...LOL. How funny is that? I made a little baby hat with some really pretty yarn that I've had for years and it turned out so cute. I really enjoyed making it aside from the shrill shrieks from my son in the background. He is trying to rip the keys off the laptop as I am typing this...wish me luck getting through the evening!

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