Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm learning to go with the flow

Okay so having a toddler is really teaching me a lot. I have learned very quickly that Rees is very strong willed (wonder where he got that?) and that if he has it in his mind I should just let him do it his way rather than trying to reason with an eighteen month old. Prime example. I got a pair of hilarious camo Rocky boots for him from Amy R. and he found them yesterday in the pile of stuff I had tucked away for winter. Just so happened that Mat came in with a pair of camo hunting boots on too so Rees now thinks that his camo boots are the greatest thing in the world since they are like daddy's. He picks his little boots up and brings them to me saying dad dad boots and makes me put them on him. He throws one heck of a tantrum if I don't put them on him. So at first I thought it was cute for him to truck around in pj's and camo boots but today it has gotten not so cute. We went into Chinese for lunch and we couldn't get out the door without wearing those boots. He had on shorts with his boots which made it even funnier. Abby just about croaked when she seen him :) But looking back I guess I just have to let go and roll with it since he has a new found independence and opinion. Yet another life lesson my son has taught me.

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C said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I agree. I could fight with the boys and try to make all their decisions for them, but I think it helps to let them have some control. I try to pick my battles. At least he doesn't only want to wear buckskins. :)

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