Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Fever

I LOVE THIS WEATHER! I can't get enough of the brisk breeze in the evenings, the "breads" that people are bringing to me (not sure why this is happening but it's been really yummy), my new plug-ins that are pumpkin spice, I got out a snuggly blanket yesterday evening and my winter jammies! I might be rushing into it, but I just want it to be here NOW. Amidst my fall bliss we have been dealing with an unknown thing that Rees is going through. I told you about his fever on Saturday night and all day Sunday he was like a limp noodle, then Sunday evening a wild man now today he has been in and out of complete and utter meltdowns and crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Nothing we do or say makes him feel better. We can't even look at him without him having a breakdown? I am thinking that it is a tooth because of the inconsistency of the symptoms and he will not's making me crazy so hopefully this will pass quickly. It so frustrating when he can't tell me what is going on in his little body. He doesn't know how to handle these emotions so he just goes bonkers...kinda reminds me of myself on a bad day :) It amazes me when I go over to my mom and dad's to pick him up and he doesn't even look happy to see me...he just whines because he knows he has to leave. I'm like ummmm I feed you, change your disgusting diapers, spoil you and I can't even get a hug. Seriously if I try to pick him up he goes limp so I can't life him. He loves it over! His grandpa spends a lot of time with him outside, which is his favorite place to be so that always perks him up, it even worked today amidst all the grumpiness. So I am beat, I think I'm gonna turn in for the night.

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