Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mall trip with Rees...

I am so happy to report that my little man has crossed over to the "good side" as in good little shopper! All past mall trips have been hectic, rushed and just plain unenjoyable, but as of yesterday that has all changed. We all 3 ventured to Huntington to purchase very specific things. I was already prepared (mentally) for this to be a challenge but to my surprise it was so much fun. He was an angel, and Rees was great too. Hehehehe. Since Rees decided to puke on our beloved bedspread that we have had since the beginning of our marriage 7 years ago that we were dearly attached to, I mean really we had discussions about how much we loved this comforter it was such a cozy thing that just made sleeping so much fun (but then again sleeping is always fun) we had to go get another one. We washed and washed this comforter and the puke was that bad, it wouldn't come off. But in Rees' defense it was so tattered and torn the seam was coming apart in multiple place and since I had already sewn it a number of times I guess he really did us a favor, it was time for a new one but we just couldn't let go. So anyways... he did find a new one that is acceptable I slept okay with it last night and Mat is still in bed so he must like it too. and we found the other stuff we were after so it was a great trip. Rees road in his stroller so well and he slept in the car he was good in the restaurant what more could a mom ask for? Well come to think of it a new purse would have been nice, but that didn't happen so I'll just be happy with Rees behaving! Hard to tell what we'll get into today...until next time!!!

Oh, I scrapped a page last night...

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