Thursday, March 11, 2010


Happy Birthday to my little man! My baby boy turned two today. We have partied all day long. This morning he woke up to some crazy decorations in the living room including 2 zillion balloons (his fav), he then took part in decorating his Elmo cake, I didn't have enough icing to finish it properly  because he ate half of it **at 10 am** we then had a birthday lunch, then he asked to go to bed from his "sugar crash" so he slept a couple of hours and as soon as he woke up it was time to keep on partying! Family party at his Nana & Pap's. We had so much fun. He is not really into opening presents yet, we had to beg him to stay in the room to keep opening. Mat and I got him the most hilarious gift that he has been playing with every single time we visit Toys R's so funny.... I'm embarrassed to even say it.... The Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels "pimped out" version. It is so funny (and huge) Black with chrome wheels, big speakers in the back and most importantly functioning doors. That's really why he likes it so well. It is just so funny to watch a two year old get in and out of this "mini" SUV. Every present he would open would go immediately into the car. He even ate his dinner in the car. Actually he got rid of his dinner in the car too if ya know what I mean LOL!  All evening was spent in the car so I'm happy to report our gift was a huge success!

I'm a partyholic well I should clarify that a birthday partyholic and I have gone bonkers with his big party on Saturday. I have had so much fun planning and decorating so I can't wait until it gets here! I think I'm more excited than he is :) Although he has really enjoyed the birthday boy thing today.

So finally at 11:41 pm I am calling it a day, a wonderful, long, exhausting, exciting, perfect day. I know we all feel this way, but I still have to say it. I am the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world to have such an amazing child. One that day after day amazes and surprises me in a way that I never thought possible. The love a mother has for her child is indescribable and for this I am truly thankful. I love you so very much baby Rees Happy Birthday!

On that note I am heading to bed. Pictures will follow tomorrow I am too lazy/tired/brain dead to get into that tonight!


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