Friday, March 5, 2010

My first attempt at Easter pictures

Rees and I went shopping this week in Huntington. I found the cutest Easter outfit and Crazy 8 (love that store) so I said to myself "Self you better get started on pictures early cause you know how Rees is"  LOL - I love when I address myself as self is anyone else laughing? Ha! Anyways I certainly want good pictures this year, last years were thoroughly disappointing and it's still bothering me so I have to do good this year! Our first attempt lasted almost an hour and ended with Rees having blue sucker all over his face. Thank goodness none got on his outfit I really didn't think that bribe through very well. Yes you heard me correctly BRIBE! I have been waiting on Rees to reach the age that he could understand what a bribe is, well maybe not exactly what it is but rather how it will benefit him LOL.  We're almost there it worked for like 5 minutes then he started to say no bribe no bribe momma and it made me sad so I gave him the sucker. I can't wait until he will be good for like 30 minutes awaiting his bribe! Is that bad parenting? Nah! So here is a really cute one that I love except for the slobber oozing out of his mouth. Why God? Why? Well there's always next week to attempt it again. So stayed tuned for a lot more Easter pictures.

This lovely Friday evening I will be having a sister night. We used to have sister night ever Friday and I have missed them so much. Rees will be hanging out with the guys this evening while Abby and I dine on Mexican food and watch Dear john at the theater. I'm so excited!!! I really do have the best sister in the whole world **luv ya sister**  I hope everyone enjoys your weekend!

I almost forgot this hilarious one...I thought he would like the fake rabbit but turns out it terrified him


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