Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47 - Meet my extended family

Did you know I have a petting zoo? Well not really, but close to it. I have 4 donkeys and 2 llamas right outside my back door. They are all really friendly and love attention. This cold weather is probably getting old to them too! Let me introduce you...

This is Momma Llama 
Original I know, but when I got her she had a baby and I thought it had a cute ring to it.

This is Baby Llama
I know, not original either, but she was my baby 7 years ago. 
This was Mat's first anniversary present to me and I love it.

This is Twiggy
She is the latest addition to our donkey collection. I think she's preggo!

This is Jersey
She's a little dirty right now, but when she's all cleaned up she is adorable.

This is Ruby (front) and Donkey trailing her
I couldn't isolate Donkey from her long enough to get his close up! He LOVES Ruby :)

So this is my petting zoo. Before I had Rees I had free time to take care of them and love on them and Ruby used to run around the yard with me when I was working in my flower beds. She never tried to run away, she knew she had it good :)

So thanks for taking time to meet all my furry buddies!

Have a great day!


Alison said...

They all look so sweet! How neat!

Melissa Weber said...

LOL, i love the last one of the 'smile'!
There is a book called Llama Llama Red Pajama that I sometimes read to my son. Momma Llama is Baby Llama's mammas name. ;)

Amy said...

We have the Llama Llama Red Pajamas book. It's so cute, my son loves it.

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