Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42- The look

So today I wanted a cute pajama pic. It didn't really go that well. Little man was not havin it, every time I would raise my camera this is the look I would get. And after promising an assortment of delicious candy treats (at bedtime, I know that's horrible, but I was desperate) this is the best he could do.  Don't you love the striped pj's and the plaid wallpaper together??? That was the bench he just had to sit on and at that point I was too tired to argue.


AimeeJ said...

I love days like this when you have to bribe the subjects. I think this is great. His hair and that look he is giving you are priceless.

Melissa Weber said...

Ahh,there's the jammies! :) I just love when they don't want to cooperate. He's still a cutie pie!

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