Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where does the time go?

Is it the middle of April already? I'm in total disbelief that summer is here already. The flowers are blooming, people are wearing shorts and my son has suntan marks? What happen to spring? Kinda like we bypassed it all together but I'm really not complaining I just can't understand how my to do list is just getting longer and longer and time is passing by so fast. I have been out in my flowers a lot this week. Rees never wants to come inside so unless it's nap time we're outside, which works for me!

My dear friend and I went to Columbus for a Kelby training seminar on Photoshop CS4 on Monday and we learned so much. It was a computer class but I already feel that my photos are so much better from my new found knowledge not to mention we shopped too so it was a great day. We're already looking for another one to go to.

Since it's spring/summer and all my mind is just over flowing with new projects I want to do. I have already tackled painting my patio tables and they turned out so cute. I bought them from Hobby Lobby 3-4 years ago and they were rusted and the paint had worn off so I bought a pretty color of light green and painted them and I love how they turned out. And since I purchased multiple colors of paint from the clearance rack I decided to go on a painting spree. I even painted one of my flower pots LOL! Who knew terracotta was a paint color? Probably everyone but me! I even found 2 perfect chairs at the flea market last weekend to spray paint. I am over the moon about one of them. It is the perfect chair for pictures so I can't wait to drag it outside and get Rees' pictures on it!  That's it that's all folks! Have a great week.


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