Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stubborn as a mule

I am really trying to practice photography everyday and my very favorite subject is my baby (toddler) boy Rees who despises having his picture taken **by me** But I found this great spot off in our back yard that I wanted to practice with for some upcoming outdoor sessions and here's what I got...

Seriously what is going through his mind right now? I have promised him the sun and moon to smile. Seriously things he's never allowed to eat, drink or play with I had promised (is that bad lol?) and still NO smile. I just don't get how a two year old can be so stubborn.

Then I got this. He was just coming off of a laugh from a fall that our cat took (it was hilarious) but by the time I picked up my camera he had managed to turn it into a smirk. Aghhh

The there's this one. I just love his big beautiful browns in this one!


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