Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is this the animal kingdom?

What a funny day! Okay I'll start off by explaining what happened to me last week, I was unloading my car in the back yard one night after Rees went to sleep. It was dark out and my outdoor lights didn't kick on so I was stumbling around to get to the car when all the sudden I see beady little eyes and this horrible hissing sound so I freaked out! I ran screaming back into the house and of course when Mat went out after it there was nothing there...I'm crazy right! NOPE not at all, can you believe what showed it's self in the back yard today while we were playing in the pool... the nasty little rodent that scared the bajeebers out of me (still not exactly sure what he is...opossum I think, maybe) He is huge and just walking around liked he owned the place. I got alot of pics of him but he was at the barn so we stayed out. Check him out

Action shot. He's bigger than my cat!
Action shot. He's bigger than my cat!

Okay so then I see Rees concentrating way too hard on the pool so I walk over and low an behold there was a freakin frog in his pool. I hate frogs, I mean I like for them to hang out at my pond (as long as it's not those ones that make that really loud sound all night long...I hate those) but you know what I mean right, who wants to touch those ugly little boogers? I'll tell you who my son. Aghhh He was obsessed with the poor frog. He got it out of the pool and kept putting it into his little play cup (not one he drinks out of just a play one) then he slammed the cup down on the ground with the frog in it. The dumb frog didn't run so Rees just played and played with that frog. Watch....2






finally the frog had enough torture...he ran offfinally the frog had enough torture...he ran off

So after all that the frog hopped off, but he didn't go far...10

He decided to follow my lazy cat around. That cat has it too easy shouldn't he be trying to eat the frog? Or at least toss it around a little? So that was the d

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