Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacation post #2 Pigeon Forge . . .

I am loving summer! We barely come inside these days between the big blow up pool in the back yard, Rees' mud pie station and the book Eclipse we stay really busy. Yes I am reading a book. I am a tad embarrassed to admit it but I support team Edward all the way LOL!!! Who ever thought that vampires and werewolves could be so entertaining. Anyways... the computer has been more of a job to me than fun these days since I much prefer being outdoors but I did manage to go through the other 1/2 of my 500+ photos from vacation and here is another collage of our wonderful vacation (which by the way I am needing wanting another one already)

This was really neat. 
Inside the Wonderworks museum they had a big bubble factory.

As soon as we arrived at our cabin Rees started this hilarious thing about being quite because there were bears outside (off of the wrap around porch) and it was really funny. But then the whole vacation kinda revolved around his bear fascination. So we found this cool place called Bear Country and they had everything related to bears including a live bear walk through. 

This was part of the bear exhibit. I'm sure it was against all rules to be 
climbing the fence over top of the bears, but according to Pap's it's all okay :) 

Wonderworks. This place had so many interactive things to do. 

He even got to walk on the moon.
Warning: NO BEARS WERE HURT DURING OUR VACATION! but  not due to lack of effort!

I am happy to report a month after our vacation that Rees is just as much in love with his raccoon hat today as he was on vacation. He wore it tonight!


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